This is where anybody can chat at any time! Buy items, do whatever, and more!

Shop Edit

Cash in points earned from missions and jobs to buy awesome items! (menu will be up soon)

Town Square Edit

Open up small shops and sell your belongings to other players!

Silver: *opens up shop* We have no items. Come back later.

Bob: *opens a restaurant* Hello welcome to Arceus's Food!

Chase:*Opens up TM store*Welcome to Chase's TM store!

Kenzen:Thing is i have no items*puts will be back after mission with goods sign on door*

Dylan:*Opens a shop* Welcome to Dylan's Switch n' Swap! You can trade me 3 of your old items for 1 ultra rare new one! And it's all for free! So come on down to Dylan's Switch n' Swap!

Streets Edit

Chat area, more features for this place will come soon!

Steffi: *looks around* Cool.

Bob: Hello Steffi.

Steffi: Hi!


Steffi: O________O Note to self, stay away from Zack (XD)

Bob: *turns into Arceus* Did you see the movie I'm in?

Chase:*Looks around*...............................................

Zack: Does he talk? *pokes Chase* (XD)

Steffi: Idiot...*facepalm*

Bob: *turns back to Bob* Hey! Arceus is powerful! I took down a Darkai with 1 attack!

Chase:*Looks at Zack* ..........................................................................................

Zack: *still poking Chase* Where is the on button on this thing?

Steffi: I can't watch this any longer... *pushes Zack out of her way*

Chase:*Uses psychic on Zack*

Steffi: -.-

Zack: ARGH! *iron tails Chase*

Chase:OWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!!!!!*Covers mouth*


Steffi: *walks off*

Chase:No I don't.

Bob: Yeah you just did. *turns into Arceus* No one can take me down! *uses Hyper Beam on Chase*

Zack: *focus punches Bob 10 times and finishes off with iron tail*

Chase:*Walks away*

Bob: *uses Hyper Beam on Zack and roars*


Bob: *flies to space and fights Palkia*

Chase:*Meditates upside down*

Zack: *still poking Chase* So...umm...


Bob: *defeats Palkia* YEAH!!! I'm so powerful!

Chase:*Rolls eyes*

Bob: *comes down from space*

Ethan: *Walks in and sees damage from recent fight* Ay me. *facepalms* Guys, you need to fight over THERE. *points to training center* I'm not cleaning this up. I know! *yells for help, some wave of light passes over the town and cleans up mess* Wow! Having Admins is awesome!!! (XD)

Cherushia: Hiya guys!

Steffi: Hiya! XD OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flame: Yo! Steffi!

Rudi: Hiya guys! Sprakle is so weird but I guess you already knew that, right?

Steffi: Yup

Dylan: Well, now that I'm a pokemon, I might as well meet some people.

Sprakle: I can't beleive you Rudi! Saying mean things about me! I'm gonna tell Arve!

Rudi: What's he gonna do?

SPrakle: Er.....

Arve: Hiya everyone! I'm gonna have a party! Anyone wanna come?

Shade: ... Hello. I just came here. Is their some one called Sprakle?

Arve: Does anyone know what the black beach is? It sounds kinda scary.

Sprakle: I dunno but I got us some fortune cookies! Here you go everyone.

Arve: I'm gonna get hit by a taxi.Great.

Sprakle: Mine says i will be very succesful.

Rudi: Yeah right.

Shade: Hey Sprakle, remember me?

Sprakle: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD! Your still alive!

Shade: What... I never even died.

Sprakle: You didn't?

Shade: No

Rudi: Who are you?

Shade: It's been a long time since our last battle. Care for a rematch?

Sprakle. I don't know. My head was straight back then.

Rudi: Is no one listening to me!!!?

Shade: To chicken?

Arve: He'll fight you.

Shade: Cool

Rudi: That Shade guy gives me the creeps.

Shade: Why do I?

Rudi: *Runs away screaming like a little girl*

Shade: *Shrugs* He's weird.

Rudi: *Who is sat at the top of Big Ben* I heard that!

Shade: How can you hear me from all the way over there?

Rudi: What!?

Shade: Never mind.

Rudi: WHAT!?

Arve: Rudi! Get down from there!

Sprakle: Hey Steffi! Heres your fortune cookie. And heres your Bob!

Shade: Hey Bob, how's the broadcaster? I only just found out about that. I feel kinda sorry for im. Poor guy.

Sprakle: I have no idea what to do about anything!

Shade: I think you've finaly lost it.

Rudi: Shade is really scary! Ok ok need to calm down!

Shade: What's your problem?

Rudi: *Hearing very scary organ music* Er....n-n-nothing

Shade: Your soooooooooooooo... weird and stupid

Rudi: Why am I?

Shade: Coz your scared of me for nothin

Sprakle: Not to mention totally insane

Rudi: Look who's talkin

Sprakle: Are you insulting my mother!!!?

Rudi: No no *Whispers* I'm scared of your mother.

Shade: *Creeps away* Their whole family is really random

Arve: Hi Shade!

Shade: Lord gimme a break!

Arve: Are you a goth?

Shade: No im a deranged sycopath, what do you think!

Arve: I think your a hippy who goes around hugging trees

Shade: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! That's it! Would a hippy do this? *Findes a sudowudo and gets it to slap Arve* =)

Arve: That hurt! Ohhhh right, now I get it. Your a hippy goth.


Shade: *Goes to a hospital* How much is a brain transplant?

Scary doctor: What's the subject?

Shade: DOES IT MATTER!? It's a life or death situation!

Scary doctor: Ok ok shesh you must be desperate. *Grabs Shade and ties him to a metal table*

Shade: What the hell are you doing!?

Scary doctor: Giving you a brain transplant

Shade: Not me you moron! HIM! *points at Sprakle who has just walked in holding a chili dog*

Sprakle: I said I wanted ketchup!

Scary doctor: Ohhhhhh. I think I know why you were so desperate for him to have one


Scary doctor: *Runs away screaming because Sprakle bit his hand off*

Sprakle: If you insult my mother again you'll lose more than just your hand!

Arve: That went well....sorta

Zack: GUYS I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY...SANTA AIN'T REAL...Wait wrong speech, *ahem* Sprackle is on drugs!

Steffi: You're so weird...


Shade: I'M NOT A HIPPY! *Kicks Zack into a wheelie bin and pushes him down a water fall* Hahahaha! See you next year SUCKER!

Arve: SHADE! Don't be mean! *Uses double kick on him*

Shade: If ya wanna a fight just say

Sprakle: It just so happens that I have somethin to say aswell

Shade: What?


Shade: What is it then?

Shade: Hippy? Goth? Punk? WHAT!!!!?

Arve: *Slaps Sprakle* SHUT IT!!!!! *Walks off*

Shade: Nice one Sprakle! *Goes to see if Arve is ok*

Arve: Hi Shade!

Shade:????? Er.... arn't you upset or somethin?

Arve: No

Rudi: She's just a bit narky coz I called her a-

Arve: You dare call me that again and your mince meat

Shade: Great idea

Rudi: I bet Zack is gonna totally kick your butt!

Shade: Suck up

Rudi: GRRRR! *Shoves Shade into a microwave and turns it onto to full heat*

Sprakle: It's just like something out of Gremlins


Shade: LET ME OUTTA HERE!!!!! *Kicks the microwave door*

Rudi: Nope

Arve: Just let him out or I'll get mother to slap your butt until it goes red

Rudi: Fine *Whispers* fun sucker *Lets Shade out*

Shade: *falls out all black and crispy* I'll never go near a microwave again

Sprakle: *Getts loads of microwaves and wrapps them in christmas paper* Merry christmas Shade!

Shade: Thanks Sprakle! Can't wait to open them!

Rudi: Your christmas present will be shoving you into an even bigger microwave and having you for christmas dinner!

Arve: Charming. I'm gonna get Steffi and Zack a present

Shade: What about Flame, Chelsea and Cherushia?

Arve: I've already got theirs

Sprakle: And us?

Shade: You cheeky begger!

Arve: I've got you lot a present as well.

Rudi: What about the others and the admins?

Arve: I don't know what to get them.

Rudi: Good point.

Shade: Just get them some chocolate or some new socks

Arve: Hmmmmmm. I'll just ask them

Sprakle: Yeah right, you can't even talk to Zack, never mind people you don't know

Rudi: What!!!!!! She likes Zack!

Arve: As a friend you pair of baboons!

Shade: *Whispers* Yeah right

Arve: I HEARD THAT! *Starts chasing Shade and trying to punch him*


Arve: *Gives up trying to punch him* I hope Zack beats you up

Shade: *Sniff* Your so mean! *Being sarcastic*

Arve: And your gay

Rudi: You could get a strick you know for being mean

Arve: He's being an idiot though!

Shade: =¬-¬= Jerk

Arve: Gay twit

Shade: Weirdo

Rudi: Shut it the both of you!

Arve: I hope Cherushia and Flame gang up on you

Shade: *sniff sniff. Pulls big googoo eyes*

Arve: Stop it!

Shade: *Still pulling googoo eyes*

Arve: *Walks off*

Rudi: She's got a soft spot for cute things

Shade: She thinks I'm cute!!!!!!!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Rudi: What's your problem?

Shade: *Having a panic attack* She's weird!

Sprakle: And your a goth

Shade: Thank you

Rudi: Jerk

Sprakle: I bet she likes Zack *Gets hit by a thunder attack* Bzt bzt that hurt *passes out*

Arve: I bet you like Cherushia!

Sprakle: Yeah so what if I do!!!?

Shade: You've got no chance

Rudi: And she'll eat you

Sprakle: No she won't coz I'm so cool. And who would want to eat me?

Shade: You, cool? More like a deranged homosidal maniac from the mental house.

Sprakle: At least I'm not a depressed loser

Rudi: Yeah you tell him Sprakle!

Shade: I'm not depressed!

Rudi: Yeah you are

Shade: Well your sad and gay

Rudi: Don't make me shove you in a microwave again

Shade: *Runs off*

Sprakle: I feel like having some ice cream!

Rudi: Oh brother

Shade: Arve, why have you dyed your paws pink?

Arve: Cherushia thought it would look cute

Shade: Er..... no..... you just look like a weirdo

Arve: Thanks *walks away*

Rudi: Jingle bells jingle bells! JINGLE ALL THE WAY!!!!!

Arve: *Comes back* There we go


Arve: I thought it would look cooler

Shade: Weird

Arve: Flame and Cherushia are my stylelists

Shade: Man they have bad taste

Arve: Shut it! Don't forget I'm a girl and your a gothic guy

Rudi: At least she hasn't dyed her fur black and red

Shade: I think its cool

Arve: No, it's just weird

Sprakle: I might change my colour to pink!

Shade, Rudi and Arve: Scary

Dylan: *slapped by random passerby* HEY PERSON!

Passerby: Huh? Oh you're the person I slapped. YOU DIE!

Dylan:*uses Hyper beam* I WIN! Wait that was a halluceination... *gets punched* WHEEEEEEEEEEEE *flies into Sprakle* Oh heavens no....

Sprakle: Hi Dylan

SHADE: run dylan!!!!!

Arve: Rudi what are you doin?

Rudi: Dadadadad lalalalalalala *Head thrashin to His Worl remix*

Arve: *Slowly walks away*

Sprakle: HEY! Dylan! Can I join your team? I got rejected the first time!

Dylan:*stares at Sprakle awkwardly*You never asked... but okay! Rudi, You play Sonic 2006, too?

Rudi: Which one do you mean? I have laods of sonic games! He ROCKSSSSSSSSS!

Arve: Your mad on sonic stuff

Rudi: Hey Dylan, which one do you like bast? I love Sonic the hedgehog and sonic riders!

Shade: Coz every night I will save your life.... *Starts to play air quitar to Dreams of an absolution kingdom hearts remix*

Sprakle: I just found a great song that suits Shade but it's not got the lyrics. *Starts playing this is halloween*

Dylan: SONIC IS VERY EPIC WIN! I have Mega Collection, Unleashed, 2006, Gems Collection, Rush, Rush Advenutre, Adventure DX, Adventure 2: Battle, aaaaaand.... That's it.

Rudi: AWESOME!!!!! I've got sonic DX, gems collection, 2006, adventure battle, sonic heroes, rush, both sonic riders, the drak brother hood which is great but sucks at the same time, secret rings, black knight, both the olympic games, shadow the hedgehog, althought that may not count,unleashed and that's it. I'm pretty mad on sonic.

Shade: Well you know sonicfreak, they said they're gonna change their name to KHfreak.

Rudi: Why?

Shade: Coz they think Kingdom hearts is cooler than sonic now.

Rudi: *Eye starts twitching* WHAT!!!!!!!! TRAITOR!!!!!




Sprakle: Dreams of an absolution rocks! *Starts dancing to it*

Shade: I am really freaked out

Ootachi: Hi!!!

Sprakle: Guess what! this is sooooooooooo freakin awesome!

Shade: What is?

Sprakle: I've got a CAR!!!!!!!

Rudi: You haven't even got a licence!

Sprakle: Do you need one to drive?

Rudi: We're doomed

Arve: I'm bored

Shade: Go hug a tree

Random person: *Singing barbie girl*

Shade: OMG!!!!!!!!

Rudi: So Shade is scared of people barbie girl?

Arve: I dunno

Shade: That was scary!!! *Having a panic attack*


Shade: Great *being sarcastic*

Sprakle: *jumped off a skyscraper* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!.......AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!.... *still falling*


Rudi: How tall was that buiding?!

Shade: What were you tryingt to do?

Sprakle: *still lying on the floor* I was trying to fly.......owwwwwww

Rudi: Maybe we should get a doctor

Shade: Nah, just leave him

Arve: Your cruel

Shade: No I'm a goth

Arve: Yeah, an insane and cruel goth

Sprakle: Lalalalalalalalala! *Maypole dancing*

Shade: See, he's fine

Sprakle: ghbcen hbedjcbuf dhejbcidhebjksi hbdjksbduceu shbuibdujbjb dubiehjdxnn eubcurbcnjnxediuero

Rudi: Oh really?

Shade: Yep! That fall must have knocked some sence into im

Sprakle: jbjkwebfwjbfuwegif ujgiwqhihfwiw jherfigjfbkwehfvbje

Shade: I'm sooooooooo bored!

Rudi: *Shoves Shade into a wheel barow and pushes it down a huge hill* Can't say ya bored now!

Dylan: I'll say! This action is better than cable!

Sprakle: I prefer Sky to be honest

Shade:*Huff*...Rudi...*pant* you...*collapses*

Sprakle: *Pokes Shade in the eye with a stick* I think he's dead.

Jennifer: You guys are nuts!

Selene: Hey! I'm new and sweet and totally not secretly evil and come to destroy your civilization (Sweet smile)

Training Center Edit

Train to become better at fighting!


Bob: *transforms to Arceus and gets a Darkrai to versus* Hyper Beam! *uses Hyper Beam*

Chase:*Still meditating*

Steffi: *gets Zack to versus* *Tackles Zack and uses Quick attack*

Chase:*Watches Steffi*

Bob:*versus the broadcaster* Come'on man. It won't hurt. *uses Hyper Beam and the broadcaster is sent flying* (XD)

Zack *uses focus punch on Steffi*

Steffi: *Dodges and uses Shadow Ball on Zack*

Zack: *is KO'd*

Bob: *uses Shadow Ball on the other broadcaster who also is sent flying* (XD)

Zack: Steffi do you want to ever evolve it's fun!

Steffi: O_O *Tackles Zack*

Bob: *uses Dragon Claw on Chase* AHHHH!!!!

Zack: *iron tails Bob into outer space*

Steffi: *tackles Zack again*

Bob: *comes down from space and uses Hyper Beam and Shadow Ball on Zack*

Zack: *uses Thunderbolt and Volt tackle on Bob, seems to be hurt*

Steffi: *Tackles Bob 4 times and uses Shadow Ball on him*

Bob: *gets a Darkrai,Palkia,Dialga,Girantina and a Uxie* Pokemon! Attack! *all pokemon use Hyper Beam 5 times on everyone except Silver*

Zack: *is KO'd*

Steffi: *Tackles Darkrai 100 times*

Zack: *wakes up* *Volt tackles Darkrai*

Steffi: YES 1 down 4 to go!

Bob: *KO's Steffi and Chase* YEAH!!!!!! *throws them to shark, piranha and fugu invested water* (XD)

Zack: *Volt tackles Bob and KO's him* Haaaa!!!!!!

Steffi: O_______________O

Zack: *gets a random Eevee to veruses* *uses Quick attack*

Random Eevee: *dodges and uses Shadow Ball on Zack*

Zack: *is hit but uses Thunderbolt on the Eevee*

Random Eevee: *Tackles Zack*

Zack: *uses volt tackle on the Eevee* *levels up (XD)*

Random Eevee: *is KO'd*

Ethan: Har har har! (XD)

Steffi: *bites Zack*

Zack: O_O

Cherushia: *gets Steffi to versus* *Head buts Steffi*

Steffi: *dodges, uses Shadow Ball on Cherushia*

Cherushi: *Uses Tail whip on Steffi*

Steffi: *is hit, uses quick attack on Cherushia then uses Tackle and finishes off with Shadow Ball* *KO's Cherushia*

Zack: Yes you won!

Steffi: *starts glowing* Huh?

Zack: What's happening? Steffi?!


Steffi: What's happening?! (Steffi's evolving as you know (or should know XD) Eevee's evolve into severval differant pokemon I've got a poll on my page asking which pokemon she should evolve into whichever pokemon gets the most votes Steffi evolves into. XD)

Silver: *votes for Espeon* What? (XD)

Zack: OMG! anyway...*gets Cherushia to verusus*

Cherushia: *uses Hyper beam on Zack*

Zack: *dodges, uses iron tail then hyper beam*

Cherushia: *Uses protect* Haha!

Zack: *waits for protect to ware off, then uses Volt tackle, Brick break and thunderbolt*

Cherushia: *Dodges, and uses solar beam, then flame thrower*

Zack: *uses protect, Shock wave then Dig*

Cherushia: *Uses giga impact and substitute*

Flame: Yeah! Go Cherushia! *puts on a pig mask* Look guys, I'm evolving! lol

Zack: O__O *jumps out of hole* Can't catch me! *uses Focus blast*

Cherushia: *Uses roar then uses dig*

Flame: Don't dig you stupid dog!

Zack: *Brick Break, Double Team, then Shock Wave* *then uses Rest*

Cherushia: Yes! *uses confuse ray then iron tail*

Zack: @____________________________________@ (XD)

Steffi: Idiot *still glowing* (XD) *uses Shadow Ball on Cherushia*

Zack: *snaps out of it uses focus punch*

Steffi: *uses iron tail on Cherushia*

Zack: *uses iron tail on Cherushia* *KO's her*

Steffi: *evolves into .........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Leafeon!*

Zack: OMG!!!!

Flame: Die! *uses stomp on Zack's head*

Zack: *uses iron tail, focus punch and then hyper beam*

Flame: That hurt! *Uses fire spin, then stomp*

Cherushia: Give it a rest, Flame. I lost, so what?

Flame: -_- I wanna fight!

Zack: *uses hyper beam on Flame and Cherushia*

Sprakle: Hey Steffi were your long lost brothers and they're gonna kick the crap outta you!

Flame: What the hell!? Sprakle? *uses fire spin on Sprakle and Zack*

Cherushia: I think its ment to be "Sparkle"

Sprakle: NO!! it's Sparkle!!!!

Arve: O_________O I can't beleive were related you homosidal maniac!

SPrakle: I love ketchup! I love watermelons! I love eating food!

Arve: WTF!?

Cherushia: I am now metaly scarred for life

Flame: Not me! I'll fight you!

Cherushia: Are you an Azbo?

Flame: No...why?

Cherushia: Coz you damn well act like one! Why do you wanna hit people in the face all the time?

Flame: *Shrugs shoulders* I dunno

Steffi: *hides from her fellow eeveelutions*

Jake:*enters, begins to meditate*

Sprakle: Hi! I loce candy!

Zack: Spazz...I mean hi, friend!

Dylan: *Gets hit by a random punch* MY SPLEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!

Jake:*opens one eye, winces*

Steffi: I'm surrounded by loons! (Izzy FTW)

Zack: Hi Steff

Steffi: SIT BOY!

Zack: *runs away*

Jake:*sighs* did I get here in the first place...

Zack: *has a panic attack*

Steffi: O-kay.

Shade: *gets Sprakle to versus* *Uses bite*

Sprakle: OWWWWWWE! Take this! *Uses surf*

Shade: Can't you do better!? *Uses spark*

Sprakle: *Dodges then uses aura beam*

Shade: *uses quick attack*

Sprakle: *Dodges again*

Shade: Will you hold still!!!

Sprakle: *Uses quick attack aswell*

Shade: *Dodges*

Sprakle: You've gotten worse.

Shade: Shut up and fight like a man! *Uses charge* This next hit will hurt!

Sprakle: But I'm not a man, I'm a vaporeon. *Uses aura beam*

Shade: Shut it! *Uses spark*

Sprakle: *Dodges and uses surf*

Shade: You wuss! You keep running away!

Sprakle: Well I don't wanna get hit! *Uses quick attack*

Shade: *Uses spark* See how you like this!

Sprakle: Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe!

Shade: Take.......THIS!!!!!! *Uses spark again* *Ko's Sprakle*

Steffi: O.o

Zack: DIE!!!! *tackles Shade*

Steffi: O__________________o

Shade: You missed pipsqueak! *Shade gets Zack to versus*

Shade: *Uses spark* Ohhh man I totally forgot we're both electric type pokemon

Flame: Well duh!

Cherushia: Go Shade! Go Zack!

Rudi: I'm on Zack's side.

Arve: Only coz ur scared of Shade

Rudi: Am not

Flame: Are too

Shade: Come on Zack! Hit me!

Zack: DIE! >:D *shoves Shade down a hole* (XD)

Shade: Ahhhhhhh! *Climbs back up and bites Zack*

Rudi: GO ZACK!!!

Arve: Your starting to freak me out ya know.

Zack: *uses volt tackle* I'MA FIREN MA LASER *uses Thunderbolt*

Shade: *Dodges, uses bite and starts singing What kinda pokemon are you* You are really weird!


Shade: Shut it!

Arve: *Gets Steffi to versus* *Uses pin missle*

Bob: *randomly turns into Lucario* Alot better.

Steffi: DIE! *uses iron tail on Arve* :p

Eve:Steffi fight me next

Kenzen:I am ready to fight who wants to train

Dylan: I von to battle Kenzen! Or something like that.

Kenzen:*tackles Dylan*

Dylan:*is knocked towards wall but grabs random convenient branch* That was close. *Uses swift* You can't dodge this move! >:-D

Kenzen:*is hit*Oh Yeah*uses Bite*BE DESTROYED*uses Bite again*

Dylan:*Gets bit* Owiiiiiiiiieeee!!!!*Gets bitten in the tail* Ahh leggo of me!*runs around in circles with Kenzen hanging on with his tail*

Kenzen:*lets go and uses Howl*

Steffi: I'm bored...*uses Shadow Ball on everyone*

Zack: *cries* Ow...That hurt! *uses Thunder on Steffi*

Dylan: Owww my ears!!! *Shadow Ball hits* Hehehe... THAT TICKLED! Oh wait, Shadow type moves don't effect Normal types... :-D

Kenzen:Uses sand attack*

Steffi: *uses iron tail on Kenzen*

Zack: *uses iron tail on Kenzen*


Zack: O.o

Steffi: *uses Leaf blade and hyper beam on Zack*

Zack: *uses Dig*

Steffi: *uses Dig*

*Random noises are heard underground*

Zack: *emerges from the ground with a black eye*

Steffi: *giggles*

Zack: Very funny...

Dylan:*Gets sand in eyes* AHH I CAN"T SEE! *Wipes sand out of eyes with tail* Try hitting me now! *uses Agility*


shade: Stalker! *Points at Sprakle

Rudi: Totally freaked out

Shade: *Gets Dylan versus*

Dylan: M'kay then...How about an ASTONISH?! Try not to flinch, m'kay? (I WENT THERE, AND I LOOKED IT UP)

Shade: Ok *Uses spark* *Flinches* Oh damn it!

Sprakle: *Tips a bucket of water on shade*

Shade: ????

Dylan:*hit by Spark and flies into wall* I'm okay! Swift!

Shade: oh great *dodges and uses bite*

Sprakle: Why are you trying to eat Dylan?

Shade: I'm not you idiot!

Rudi: DYLAN! HIT HIM!!!!!

Zack: *tackles Dylan* DIE!

Steffi: *uses iron tail on Zack* Stop that you’re acting like an emotonally withdrawn freak in a halloween costume!

Dylan: SHADE! WHY ARE YOU BITIN MAH FOOT? IT"S SMELLY! DIE! *hits Shade with tail for no apparent reason*

Steffi: Why is everyone here so weird?

Zack: Oh, oh, oh, go totally crazy-forget I'm a lady Men's shirts-short skirts Oh, oh, oh, really go wild-yeah, doin' it in style Oh, oh, oh, get in the action-feel the attraction Color my hair-do what I dare Oh, oh, oh, I wanna be free-yeah, to feel the way I feel Man! I feel like a woman!

Steffi: O_____O

Dylan: *starts shaking Shade off until he hears Zack* Uh.................................... that's..... uh.................... nice to know...... *sweatdrop*

Steffi: I'm surrounded by idiots. V_V

Shade: What a weird song. Dylan your foot tastes horrible! Yuck!

Sprakle: Oh oh oh let me have a try! *Bites Dylan's foot*

Arve: Er.....

Rudi: Shade, are you canible?

Shade: No, but you'll be on the menu unless you shut it!

Rudi: Ok, w-what ever y-you say.

Sprakle: Dylan's foot tastes nice! Like vannila ice-cream!

Arve: Erm....

Dylan: Maybe they taste like Ice Cream beacuse of the new soap i am using! Vanilla--ish pasty icy creamy shampoodlez!

Shade: What the heck!

Sprakle: I wanna go to the beach!

Rudi: NO WAY! The last time you went to the beach you nearly ended up on some kids plate!

Shade: Hmmmm...Sprakle'n'chips...I think I might try that!

Sprakle: *Gets Dylan to versus*

Zack: *glomps Sprakle* I WUV U! :D

Steffi: _ _

       / \                                                                               / \
       \_/                                                                               \_/

Shade: *Whackes Zack on the head* Zack, you need to get out more