OK, here's how this works, as more people fleet in, we're gonna have sign ups for rescue, explorer, and "elite" teams. Everyone starts at Reacue, and eventually they can get promoted to Explorer, and later Elite. Have fun! (One team per player, you can be kicked out from a team, or you can leave one to join another)

Sign Ups Edit

Rescue Team: Paladins (Full)Edit

Ethan (captain)

Zack (approved)

Chimmy (approved)

Kellyn (approved)

Shade (approved)

Rescue Team: Elements (Full)Edit

  • Silver (Captain)
  • Bob (Accepted)
  • Chase (Accepted)
  • Steffi (Accepted)

(I'm sorry if you were rejected, it's just the way of my character)

Rescue Team: Ashes (Full)Edit

(Actually the name of my rescue team in the games ^^)

  • Jake (Captain)
  • Chelsea (Approved)
  • Cherushia (Approved)
  • Flame (Approved)

Rescue Team: Pyro (3 more spots)Edit

  • Kenzen (Captain)
  • Eve (Accepted)
  • Ootachi
  • Holly

Rescue Team: Awesome (Full)Edit

Lindsay (Captain) (TDALindsayfan1)

Erika (Accepted) (Earchibald)

Kitty (Accepted) (Shadowpath13)

Belle (Accepted) (beautynotbeast)

Simon (Accepted) (SKWay78)

Rescue Team: NeonEdit

Ask me on my talk page if you would like to join!

Dylan (Captain)

Sprakle (Accepted)

Rescue Team: StragergistsEdit

Jennifer (Captain)

If you wanna join ask me on my talk page

Rescue Team: ScorpiaEdit

Vile (Captain) ~SerpentKing999

If you want to join, just ask me on my talk page. I'll most likely accept you.

Rescue Team:CatzEdit

Myra:Captain (Rainnose)

If You want to join,reply on my talk Page71.253.245.37 20:40, March 21, 2012 (UTC)Rainnose