How to Play

First, create your own pokemon/player for you to control at the Create a Player page!

Go to the Awakening area where your player will wake up as a pokemon! Then go to pther areas where you can chat with friends, do missions and earn cash to buy awesome items! (This is nowhere NEAR the video game. It's less "corny" than the games or specials. Have fun!


  1. No cursing. This will result in a strike. Three strikes, you get banned. The Council of Admins will be monitering the articles if you break the rules.
  2. Don't go into detail about gore or blood here.
  3. No vandalizing. If you do, the vandalizement will be fixed and you will be banned.
  4. Don't badmouth here about other users. You can make enemies, but no badmouthing.

More rules will be made by the Council of Admins! Have fun here!