Ethan (Pikachu) Played By: YoshiPerson

Kellyn (Riolu) - played by: tditda2010 

Zack (Raichu) Played by: NinjaIzzy

Silver (Totodile) - Played by COKEMAN11

Steffi (Eevee) Played by: NinjaIzzy

Bob (Arceus) Played by: GreenMagic

Chase (Gallade) Played by:D-scope

Chelsea (Vulpix) played by Chainsaw girl 41

Kenzen (Poochyena) Played by Kenzen11

Jennifer (Prinplup) Played by izzynsierrafan12

Vile (Larvitar) Played by SerpentKing999

Myra (Umbreon) Played By Rainnose

Selene (Lilligant) Played by Missyt44

Holly (Kirlia) Played by CrymsonShokwave

Alucard (Gengar) Played By Axe12

Ashlynn (Totodile) Played By Pupppycornashlynn

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