After Signing up, Wake up here Edit

Ethan: *wakes up* Wow! It feels like I just slept on the ground! *cracks back so loudly you could hear it 5 miles away* (XD)

Ethan: *looks around* WHERE AM I?!!!!! *wipes eyes and sees hands* O__________________________0 WHAT IN THE WORLD!????!!!

Zack: *wakes up* Ugh... *sees tail* ARGHHHHH!! O__________________________________________________O


Chimmy:*slowly opens eyes* am I? *looks in random lake* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M A CHIMCHAR!!!! oddly appropriate. (XD)

Ethan: Chimmy?!

Kellyn: *wakes up and feels a change*

Ethan: Weird, we are all Pokemon!!! Cool! *Carmeldansens*

Zack: Cool! *Camelldasenes with Ethan*

Jake:*groans, wakes up* Ung...where am I?

Steffi: *wakes up*

Zack: HI!

Steffi: ARGHHH! *sees tail* O_____________________O (XD)

Zack: Isn't Steffi spelt Steffie?

Steffi: DIE!

Zack: O_O

Silver: *wakes* I'll make a rescue team. Before becoming a Pokemon I played the Mystery Dungeon games. I know all about it.

Chase:*Wakes up*.......

Bob: *wakes up* Hi!

Dylan:*Is woken up by a wind* WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE?!

Dylan:*scratches head with tail* OMG! I'm an Aipom. KEWL! *Jumps around and lands on Chimmy* Oh, hello fellow monkey!

Ethan: Heh heh... Pretty funny... Why are you on Chimmy's head? (XDLOL)

Chimmy:*runs around randomly* GET IT OFF! GET IT OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!(XD)

Kenzen:*wakes up*my eye hurts*sees paw*HOLY CRAP

Dylan:*Is knocked off of Chimmy and slams head-first into tree* Ow. I'm okay! (XD)

Kenzen:*starts barking*Bark Bark*stops*Thats new

Ethan: Dear diary... This has been a very interesting day... (XD)

Lindsay: Omg. I'm Wurmple!

Simon: Abra! Great!

Belle and Kitty: Eevee and Mime Jr, awesome!

Zack: Guys I'm not crazy, I'm just-...

Steffi: Crazy?

Zack: *scowls*

Dylan:*roasts banana* Anybody want one? (Uh... yum?)

Jennifer: Wow this is weird! Why would I want a roasted banana?!

Vile: *wakes* Wow, I think I'm having the coolest dream ever. Wait, didn't I just wake up? *falls out of a random tree he appeared in*

Phyllis: Oh look. Pokemon.............................................................................HOLY CRAP.

Myra:Urgggggg....Wait A Minute...WHERE AM I???!!!!!!!!!(I have Explorers Of Sky and I've almost beaten it...I know how to play this...)

Selene: (Wakes up) pO.oq (<-Rubs eyes) ... HOLY COW I'M A PLANT! (Accidentally stuns everyone) *BTW I'm a lilligant*

Holly: (Starts to wake up) H-Huh?? (Sits up and shakes head) Whoa, what a dream. For a second there I thought I was changing into a (looks at hands) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! (Running in a circle, franticly) I'm a Kirlia!!!

Ashlynn: (wakes up) So... uh.. I'll just go back to sleep.. (collapses) Actually NO! TO THE TEAM SIGN UPS!